3-D Globe with Moving Text
3-D Office Flash Animated
3-D Rotating Cube Flash Effect
3-D Rotating Double Helix
3-D Rotating Globe
3-D Rotating Globe Flash Effect
3-D Skeleton Spinning
3-D Time Spinning
ActionScript Center of Gravity
ActionScript Wave Sin Cosin
Animated Solar System Flash Effect
Aqua Crystal Ball Flash Effect
Autocad Flash Effect
Automatic Slider Value
Binary Clock
Binary Clock Flash Effect
Binary Matrix Flash Effect
Bio Rhythm Flash Tool
Blackout Flash Effect
Burning Cursor Flash Effect
Etch and Schetch Game
Falling Snow Flash Effect
Film Flash Effect
Fire Flies Flash Effect
Fish Tank
Flash ActionScript Ball Game
Flash Animated AK-47 Firing
Flash Animated Bar Chart
Flash Animated Bar Code Scanner
Flash Animated Bouncing Text
Flash Animated Car Wheels
Flash Animated Clock
Flash Animated Dancing Pig
Flash Animated Decoding Text
Flash Animated Exploding Text
Flash Animated Exploding Text 2
Flash Animated Exploding Text 3
Flash Animated Falling Snow
Flash Animated Filling Bottle Effect
Flash Animated Girl
Flash Animated Helicopter
Flash Animated James Bond Intro
Flash Animated Jumpy Text
Flash Animated Kaleidoscope
Flash Animated Kaleidoscope
Flash Animated Kissing Silhouette
Flash Animated LSD Effect
Flash Animated Morphing Face
Flash Animated Old Film
Flash Animated Pie Chart
Flash Animated Rotating Globe
Flash Animated Snake
Flash Animated Snow Fall
Flash Animated Stick People
Flash Animated Sunrise
Flash Animated Sunrise at Stone Hendge
Flash Animated Tornado Text
Flash Animated Typewriter
Flash Art Board
Flash Calendar Three Months
Flash Cards
Flash Clock
Flash Color Picker
Flash Countdown Timer
Flash Date and Time Clock
Flash Effect 1 (Looks like Windows?)
Flash Effect 10 (Image Blur then Fade-In)
Flash Effect 11 (Lense Flare Mouse Interactivity)
Flash Effect 12 (Molecules Playing)
Flash Effect 13 (Plazma Ball Shocks the Mouse)
Flash Effect 14 (Rain Drops Splatering)
Flash Effect 15 (Reflective Ball Mirror)
Flash Effect 16 (Ocean Moving Water)
Flash Effect 17 (Lighter Flickable)
Flash Effect 18 (Rain on Water Splattering)
Flash Effect 19 (Clouds and Snow Flakes)
Flash Effect 2 (Plasma Clouds Exploding)
Flash Effect 20 (Smoke1)
Flash Effect 21 (Smoke2)
Flash Effect 22 (Snowflake Shadows)
Flash Effect 23 (8mm Movie Old & Scratchy)
Flash Effect 24 (Title Lazer Writing)
Flash Effect 25 (Title Writer)
Flash Effect 26 (Fish Tank Live Fish)
Flash Effect 27 (TV Static)
Flash Effect 28 (Text Effect)
Flash Effect 29 (Image Refletion)
Flash Effect 3 (Scenery Time Duration)
Flash Effect 30 (Spinning Galaxy)
Flash Effect 4 (Fire Flies Moving around)
Flash Effect 5 (Chicken Inside Egg)
Flash Effect 6 (Lights Pulsing)
Flash Effect 7 (Flame Flickering)
Flash Effect 8 (Flash Light Movable)
Flash Effect 9 (Grid Stretchy)
Flash Light Switch Game
Flash Mortgage Calculator
Flash Particle Generator
Flash Schetch Pad
Flash Slot Machine
Flash Talking Alarm Clock
Flash World Clocks
Flashlight Flash Effect
Flashlight Flash Effect
Flying Text Flash Effect
Foggy Window Flash Effect
Hypnotic Smiley Flash Effect
Image Gallery 1
Image Gallery 2
Image Gallery 3
Image Gallery 4
Image Gallery 5
Image Gallery 6
Image Gallery 7 (35mm Negatives)
Interactive Map of Europe
Interactive Text Flash Effect
Iso Flash Game
Matches Flash Effect
Navgation 23 (Top)
Navigation 1 (Mac Style)
Navigation 1 (Reflective Buttons)
Navigation 10 (Macromedia)
Navigation 11 (Circular Menu)
Navigation 12 (Fish Tank)
Navigation 13 (Circular)
Navigation 14 (Vertical)
Navigation 16 (3-D)
Navigation 17 (Top)
Navigation 18 (3-D)
Navigation 19 (Circular)
Navigation 2 (Metal)
Navigation 20 (Vertical)
Navigation 21 (Site Layout?)
Navigation 22 (Spinner)
Navigation 24 (Box)
Navigation 25 (Scrolling Background)
Navigation 3 (3D)
Navigation 4 (Top)
Navigation 5 (Multiple Buttons)
Navigation 6 (Circular)
Navigation 8 (Top Compact)
Navigation 9 (The Site is the Navigation)
Photo Puzzle Flash Effect
Pixel Text Flash Effect
Rain Flash Effect
Rain Flash Effect
Rubber Band Person Flash Effect
Shooting Star Flash Effect
Snow Falling Flash Effect
Space Shuttle Multimedia Flash Presentation
Speedometer Text Flash Effect
Star Text Flash Effect
Stickman Video
Stretchy Image Flash Effect
Vista Clock Flash Effect
Water Reflection Flash Effect
Windows Tool Tip Flash Effect
Zippo Flash Effect
Zoom Text Flash Effect

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Download the Flash Source Files (9 megs)

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Flash Effect 1 (Looks like Windows?)

Flash header goes here.

Flash Effect 1 (Looks like Windows?): If you had enough time you could reprogram almost any program in Flash to run over the web. You basically draw what you want it to look like and anything can be a button. Flash has a built in programming language to fetch information from databases, manage video conferencing, and submit user input back to the server.