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"Go where you want to go;
do what you wan to do,
and be who you want to be."
~ Calvin Coolridge U.S. President

"In times of change, the Patriot is a scarce man;
brave, hated and scorned.
After change happens, Average men join his cause;
when they have nothing to loose."
~ Mark Twain Author

"The only thing we learn from history is, we don't learn from history."
~ Dr. Ron Paul U.S. Congressman

Jeff Jones is the managing member of Wild Card Ventures LLC, a multimedia technology consulting company based in Las Vegas serving the gaming industry. Jeff received a Bachelor’s of Business with a dual major in Information Systems and Accounting from the University of Idaho. Jeff has works in the information technology field creating interactive websites and multimedia touch screen applications.

In 2005 Jeff moved to Las Vegas and made Nevada his home. The decision was based on his passion for photography and the close proximity of hiking to Las Vegas complimented with the neon glow of the strip at night. He also enjoys the mild winters for motorcycle riding, outdoor activities and boating on Lake Mead in the summers. Las Vegas also offers unmatched entertainment and an abundance of opportunities for multimedia development in the gaming industry.

Jeff's hobbies include traveling, semi-professional digital photography, video, hiking, snowboarding, motorcycles, billiards, studying American history, actively engaging in politics and supporting the Campaign for Liberty. Jeff has combined his loves of Flash, photography and video editing with a technical background in database development and accounting to create professional and engaging multimedia applications.


Jeff Jones